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  1. I have had this marlin 39a for a number of years and it has developed a feeding problem.   The gun will double and sometimes triple feed rounds that will jam up the bolt coming forward.   I them remove the mag tube and remove the ammo place a small instrument under the round on top and the other one or two will role out.  I took the gun apart and noticed the shell stop is below the level of the magazine opening not engaging the rim of the shells.   I removed the shell stop and cleaned under and all around it.   Reinstalled the shell stop and when I tried to push it down it would stay down and not spring back up.   The bolt rides over the top of it allowing it to spring up and down but it will not come back up after being pushed down.   Is there a fix for this?  Thanks Bullett

  2. I dont know if this helps,  a number of years ago when we werent matching the cones to the caps as well I used a method that was kind of a pain to do but worked well.  I used the stock cones and bought some fish tank air line that was flexible { like rubber} and made small rubber bands to go around each cap.  The rubber bands were very thin to not hinder the hammer hitting the cap.  Takes longer to load and you have some homework to do before the match.  This was quite a few years ago when CCI made better caps they were just to loose.   Bullett  

  3. Lunger is a SASS member that is always first to help new shooters with tips on how to improve their game and gear. At annual matches when he is dog tired you'll still see him working on shooters guns (free) helping them to the last minute. He is a advanced shooter that will help new and old shooters alike. He has helped me immensely. He also is not a braggart so I'm surprised this thread has got as much out of him as it did. Paying for a clubs SASS membership dues himself is just another thing he has unselfishly done to promote SASS.

    We'er not talking who is the better MAN here but who is the better SASS member to help this sport flourish....I know my pick.

    I have also shot with lunger and his wife. Runamuck said it better than I could. +1 for Bullett 19707

  4. I shoot USPSA and 3 gun, have shot rimfire challenge and steel challenge. I started with SASS in 1992 and USPSA in 1988 and 3 gun last year. high school shot small bore indoor gallery and yes the high school did have a rifle team. Bullett 19707

  5. For sale is an RCBS strip loading tool. This would be the Strip loader and the priming press that mounts on the bench. For the press I have the handle and shell plates for different shells. Would like $100.00 plus shipping. Thank You Bullett 19707







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