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    I am no iPhone "guru", but with the new Wire you cannot see signatures. You are also limited in other ways, like; You can't access "full screen mode". You only see a person's alias and avatar in posts. No signatures appear. Going between forums is a little cumbersome. Posting a properly sized photo is a PITA "if" you hold your mouth right and say the proper cuss words it is possible...I did it once, haven't been able to since and finally just gave up. The tool bar only has fonts options for; Bold, Underline, Italics - not to be cunfused with those nice folks in the Mediterranean, Smileys, Link function, and a very poor magnifier. I guess the thing that would fix Cat's issue would be if "full version" were accessible, like on the old Wire...well, it would fix his iPhone issue. I can't help with all the others he has By the way, this post was done on my iPhone. If I didn't have PC or my Chromebook access the new Wire would be a great disappointment if I only had an iPhone available. by the by the way, I am lovin' the new Wire on my other devices.
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