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Founders Ranch Info Neeed for Leave.

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Ok I have looked at the site and Chronicle. I have not found the Phone # or Address for Founders Ranch. I can find driving directions. The Commodore wants the address and phone on my leave request before he will approve me coming to EOT. You would think with all the Military in SASS this would be posted on the Website and in the Chronicle.

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Ok after doing some web research. I found the info at whitepages.com. I am posting it here also for anyone else that might need it.


Founders Ranch

144 Juan Thomas Road,

Edgewood, NM 87015


(505) 281-4907

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So...you're not allowed to go on leave to somewhere out of phone contact? What does the Commodore have against camping, hunting, and fishing? Not all of our Military in SASS have chains of command harboring such prejudices.

Enjoy EOT! :rolleyes:



In 16 years I have never been to a command that did not want blocks 19 and 20 filled out on NAVCOMPT FORM 3065 LEAVE REQUEST/AUTHORIZATION. That includes 2 differnet services.

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