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Ucee Lead

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This will be My First time at the EOT this Year I'm not gonna shoot or enter anything like that just gonna watch and see how it is done My Question is How much would it cost me and my wife and Daughter and Father in Law and Mother In Law get into this event to watch and look around and shop? Info would be appreacited...... Thanks Alot

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Good Afternoon Ucee Lead

It would be great to have you and your family come visit EOT.

Go to the SASS HOME page, (look up at the top of this page, first button on the left side.)

Then - in the center you'll see where it says END of TRAIL. Click into that link and navigate through it. It will have information you are looking for plus much more.

Here is a link http://sassnet.com/EoT/ for you to cut, paste and go to. From here you can either choose visitor or member. Hope to see you. Look us up at the Waddie shack when you get there.

:rolleyes: Tess

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