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Waddie sign up


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OK Drago when is the waddie sign up gonna start??? :)

You might as well just put us down as usual.

Footloose---mounted and Misc.

FancyFree duh :rolleyes:

Twinkie, whereever ya need him I guess.


Ok who else?

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Guest Tom Muley, SASS #27759

Travis, I might bring along a few Dutch ovens and the old coffee pot. I gotta eat and always have plenty for special friends (yeah, you're one of them).

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Hey Tom,

Glad to hear you are gonna try and make it this year.

Footloose and I are looking forward to seeing ya.and I want some of your coffee, hey ya want some Arbuckles? I even got a grinder!

Saul, sorry to hear ya can't be with us again.

Travis Never worry about LL getting your cookies. I always have enough just for you and the BOSS.

Where is He anyway? :rolleyes:

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The waddie sign-up application is in service and located on the main page of the SASS web su=ite under the EOT logo.


Tom - good to hear you will come. I know we all miss you and of course your cooking.


Sorrowful Saul - I'm sorry you can't be there. You are a great help and fun to work with. Maybe we'll see you at the Mill Creek Ambush or at Walkers'.


FF - Drago just had an open house - Xmas party and he told me about the waddie sign-up. He'll be on the wire soon I expect.


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.

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Hey Mama, don't worry, the party is over, and we are getin ready for Last Stand, startin to get the camper ready :D:D


LL, don't worry I'll bring extra, just like last year, plenty for everyone! :D



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Hey every one just signed up will be bringing the Grand Son again this year (Buckshot Johnson Jr) and my Son ( IL B Driftin) Buckshot has growen some since last year he is now 6 ft tall so Drago and Travis you got your big strong helper again. Fancy better put on some extra cookies.


Looking foward to seeing you all


Best Regards



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