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New 2006 EOT DVD is out

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Just finished watching the 2006 End of Trail. Every time Lenny Magill Productions do an EOT video, it is better than the last (wish they could do one EVERY year). :(

They have added a Chapters Menu, so you can go directly to any stage or other topic. The Chapters are the 12 Stages, SASS, Founders, Air Guning, People, Ken Amorasano, Gatling Gun, and Mounted Shooting. :(

I only noticed one Major Boo-Boo. On Stage 9, the video showed and said the wrong name for "Lead Dispencer". The video has "Ed Dispencer". There may be other name errors, but everyone in SASS knows "Lead Dispencer". :(

I liked the snorting Longhorn graphic they added. I also got a kick out of what Lenny calls "Air Guning". You know, where we shoot the stage with our bare hands before we shoot the stage. I didn't realize how interesting it can be. :ph34r:

The DVD box says it is 90 minutes, but my DVD player says it was actually 1 hour and 57 minutes (almost 2 hours). :(

Overall, once again they did a great job on the video!! Hope they can do 2007 also. :D

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I liked the DVD too--in addition to labeling Lead Dispenser "Ed"--they gave the name Lead Dispenser to Race Gunner, on at least two stages as I recall!


It is well produced, and I really like this year's version for the stage introductions, with the simple animation. Would like to have been able to see downrange a little better for some of the stages, but it's easy to be picky.

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