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Sawyer, your welcome to come on over but you had better speak to Frederick Jackson Turner who offered to help us make our 10 minimum for WR. We had pantaloons, feather boas and all sorts of make up tips for him. We're really pretty equal opportunity when it comes on down to it . . . we're more than willing to help with your transition.



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Hey Sawyer,


Darlin' is fine and it's a shame that she won't be able to get to EOT this year because she is in fine shooting form. Her grandmother is ill and I think there are some other family considerations but she is doing well herself. I'll email this thread to her so she'll know that you asked about her. She told me she is planning to be at Ambush, though, and I'm sure you can catch up with her there.


Sawyer, my friend, you and I may have to flip for who takes last place in any categories. Maybe I'll have to enroll in your shooting school so I can perfect my technique. Will you let me shoot the smelly black stuff in your classes? :D



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