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South Carolina: Correcting Record on Support for Constitutional Carry

Charlie T Waite

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Since 2017, in South Carolina, there have been two Constitutional Carry bills filed and receiving an up or down vote in the state House of Representatives. Those bills are H.3930, from Rep. Pitts in 2017, and H.3096, from Rep. Cox in 2021. These are the only Constitutional Carry bills that have received a vote. Those vote counts are here (2017) and here (2021). Again, these are the only two bills that were heard on the floor and received a vote.

During that time, one member of the Legislature has frequently attempted to throw motions onto any and all Second Amendment bills to add Constitutional Carry language. Other groups, with motives other than supporting Second Amendment rights, are calling these motion procedures “votes” on Constitutional Carry. As you might imagine, representatives rejected or ignored attaching a motion to attach Constitutional Carry to something completely unrelated, such as the motion to adjourn the legislature for the day. As a result of these tactics, which may as well be sabotage, good legislation that would have expanded and protected Second Amendment rights was routinely defeated, until 2021.

Last year, the following representatives voted for Constitutional Carry, and we continue to thank them for their support.

Rita Allison, F. Lucas Atkinson, William Bailey, Nathan Ballentine, Bruce Bannister, Linda Bennett, Jeffrey Bradley, Thomas Brittain, J. Mike Burns, Jerry Carter, Micah Caskey, William Chumley, Neal Collins, Bobby Cox, Westley Cox, Heather Crawford, Vic Dabney, Sylleste Davis, Jason Elliott, Cal Forrest, Russell Fry, Craig Gagnon, Leon Gilliam, Patrick Haddon, Kevin Hardee, William Herbkersman, W. Lee Hewitt, Jonathon Hill, David Hiott, Chip Huggins, Max Hyde, Jeffrey Johnson, Stewart Jones, Jay Jordan, Mandy Kimmons, Randy Ligon, Steven Long, Phillip Lowe, Jay Lucas, R. Josiah Magnuson, Rick Martin, RJ May, D. Ryan McCabe, John McCravy, Sandy McGarry, Tim McGinnis, Travis Moore, Adam Morgan, Dennis Moss, Steve Moss, Christopher Murphy, Brandon Newton, Weston Newton, Roger Nutt, Melissa Oremus, William Sandifer, Murrell Smith, Garry Smith, Mark Smith, Tommy Stringer, Bill Taylor, Anne Thayer, Ashley Trantham, John West, W. Brian White, William Whitmire, Mark Willis, Christopher Wooten, and Richard Yow.

Your NRA-ILA continues to fight for Constitutional Carry in South Carolina. Please stay tuned to www.nraila.org and your email inbox for further updates.

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