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Minnesota: Conference Committee Assembled to Consider Omnibus Legislation

Charlie T Waite

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This week, a conference committee is meeting to consider pro-gun omnibus legislation, Senate File 4062.  It is important that NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters contact members of the conference committee and ask them to support SF 4062 with funding for shooting facilities, elimination of shotgun-only hunting zones, and firearm/hunting education grants for schools.


Senate File 4062, as previously reported, was being heavily amended in both chambers.  Now, the conference committee will consider which changes to keep before sending it back to the legislature for their approval.  It is important that the below aspects remain in Senate File 4062:

  1. Extra money for improvements to shooting sports facilities
  2. Removal of “shotgun-only hunting zones” throughout the state
  3. Grants for firearm and hunter education programs in schools

Again, it is important that your please contact conference committee members and ask them to support the above items in Senate File 4062.

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