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2022 TAG POLL NRA-ILA Truth About Gun Owners (TAG) Poll

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Every year for more than a quarter century, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action has asked NRA members like you to complete our Truth About Gun Owners (TAG) Poll – our most important annual survey.


And year after year, your completed surveys have had a powerful impact on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country, helping us combat phony anti-gun polls paid for by billionaires and the lying media – and PROVE TO THE POLITICIANS where gun owners like you really stand.


But this year your TAG Poll answers are taking on a far greater importance.



That’s because, less than six months from now, the American people will go to the polls in the most important midterm election in Second Amendment history – an election where you and I have the chance to SLAM THE DOOR SHUT on Joe Biden’s gun-ban agenda.


Since the moment he took the Oath of Office, Biden has been waging a scorched-earth campaign against our gun rights.


He’s demanded that Congress pass national gun registration, national gun-owner licensing, sweeping gun bans, and even nationwide gun confiscation.


He’s used the full power of the Executive Branch to wage a regulatory assault on mom-and-pop gun stores and the firearms industry as a whole.


And he’s packing the courts with gun-hating, anti-freedom judges – appointing more judges during his first year than any President in more than four decades!


Michael, you and I both know that the only surefire way to defeat Biden’s disastrous anti-gun agenda is to take away his gun-ban majorities in Congress.


And as a key part of your personal effort to help elect pro-gun majorities to the U.S. House and Senate, I need you to go to our special website and complete your TAG Poll questionnaire today.



With your answers, we can make it crystal clear to every member of the U.S. House and Senate that, if they want our votes and the votes of America’s 100 million gun owners this year, they need to join our fight against Joe Biden’s freedom-destroying agenda and stand firm in defense of our gun rights.


By answering this TAG Poll, you can tell every elected official in Washington that, if they support Biden’s calls for national gun registration and nationwide gun bans, they’re going to lose our votes.


You can make it clear to our elected officials that if they allow Biden to continue harassing the firearms industry through burdensome, misguided regulatory actions – like ammo bans and the ATF’s attempt to rewrite the very definition of a firearm – they’re going to lose our votes.


You can make it clear to our elected officials that, if they support Biden’s radical judicial nominees who don’t believe in our fundamental, INDIVIDUAL right to own guns, they’re going to lose our votes.


Most important, your TAG Poll answers will force every elected member of Congress – as well as every challenger candidate running for office this year – to make a firm choice.


They can plant their flag with the NRA, take a stand for the Second Amendment on the campaign trail this year, and earn our support and our votes in November.


Or they can cozy up to Biden and his anti-freedom administration – and pay the price when America’s 100 million gun owners go to the polls on November 8th.



In short, this TAG Poll is about more than winning day-to-day battles in Congress or stopping Joe Biden’s regulatory attacks on our gun rights.


Your TAG Poll answers will force every member of Congress, and every 2022 candidate, to come clean with the American people, and let us know which path they want our country to follow in the years and decades to come.


And that’s the first key step toward winning this crucial upcoming midterm election that will help shape the future of the Second Amendment for the rest of our lives.


So please, Michael, take the time RIGHT NOW to complete your TAG Poll.



And even though it’s not required, I hope you’ll make a generous contribution of $28, $40, $55 or even $100 to NRA-ILA when you complete your TAG Poll answers.


Make no mistake. Control of the U.S. House is going to be decided in about 50 key congressional districts across America. Control of the U.S. Senate is going to come down to less than half a dozen battleground states.


In almost every instance, these swing districts and states are places where hunting and shooting are a way of life – places where you and I and our fellow NRA members CAN make the difference between victory and defeat.


No other organization brings together nearly five million card-carrying, freedom-loving Americans under a single banner.


No other organization can even come close to our track record of defeating candidates for every office from the White House to the state house.


And no other organization has the same fighting chance to hand Joe Biden a crushing defeat this November.


And with your generous contribution of $28, $40, $55 or $100 today, we’ll have the resources to tell the TRUTH about President Biden and his anti-gun candidates to every single gun owner in every single state where the 2022 elections will be decided.


We’ll hammer home our election-year message across this nation every single day…


We’ll make sure gun owners know that the future of American freedom hangs in the balance on Election Day…


And we’ll make sure they recognize – and act on – their sacred DUTY to defend the Second Amendment and our way of life by turning out to vote in record numbers this year.


Michael, if America VOTES FREEDOM FIRST on November 8th, Joe Biden’s gun-ban candidates will go down to defeat. It really is that simple.



But reaching out to tens of millions of voters in the months ahead is a huge and expensive challenge – requiring us to take our message to tens of thousands of Americans every single day between now and November 8th.


Our advertising budgets will need to be larger than ever before. Our voter identification, education, and get-out-the-vote campaigns will be – and must be – bigger and more extensive than they’ve ever been before.


But with members like you contributing what you can, when you can, we can get the job done.


It’s all going to come down to whether our members give us the resources we need – and that’s why I hope I can count on you for a contribution of $28, $40, $55, $100 or any other amount when you complete your TAG Poll.


There’s simply no way we can fund our day-to-day campaign efforts without your help right now.


And there is no other contribution you can make this year – to any candidate or campaign organization – that will have a greater impact on this election, or that will do more to save freedom, than your gift to NRA-ILA today.


So please take a moment as soon as you can to visit our special website and complete your TAG Poll.


Thank you, in advance, for standing on the front lines with me in the most important Second Amendment battle of our lifetimes.


Yours in Freedom,

Jason Ouimet
Executive Director


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