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Going but not shooting my guns just shooting my Canon

Paparazzi Pahl

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Hi, I'm Paparazzi Pahl, I plan on going to End of Trail but I won't be shooting my guns, but I will be shooting my Canon Camera. While I'm there will there be vendor there that will do work on your Guns? I'm really looking for someone who can look a my guns and tell me if anything thing should be done to them and maybe do them while I'm there? (like polishing them up or anything else that can be done to make them run smoother) I just want piece of mind. 

Thanks and hope to see you there.

Paparazzi Pahl 109230

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I don't who's vending on gunsmithing yet,  but be sure to come see us on Tuesday for unique shots as once the guns are on the line,  you won't be able to get a head on shot

Black Hearted Pearl

The Last Outpost Gatling Gun Detachment

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