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Coyote Cap 87 18" SOLD


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Selling my CC 87. This is a beautiful gun. To bad the operator is not as ? There is another one on the wire talking about these. Cap had to go through the 87's coming in as they were rough so to speak. Some that were stamped special edition I guess were not. if you bought from Cap more than likely if it was 20" or special edition 18 it had his action work. Also serial number wise wanted to get one that had very late 05 but 06 was better as far as quality. I cannot say for sure this is an special edition but has everything those did.

Any way mine has an 18" barrel, screw in choke tubes, leather lever cover. Also sent to lassiter to have him do hos drop two mod as felt his ran a bit better than Caps design. Runs great when I don't have a train wreck. Serial number is 06-00099 Please ask any questions. $950 + shipping.







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