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1897 Winchester Ejector Pin Question

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I have an 1897 that gave my son some grief last weekend.  After the first shot on his first stage the bolt assembly failed to travel far enough to the rear to allow the spent hull to eject.  After getting it taken apart at home it seems that culprit was a wobbling extractor pin that was no longer pressed tight to the receiver.  In looking at the pin that fits into the receiver it looks like it is slightly bent and no longer looks like a perfect “T”.  In looking at the hole it fits into it seems that it is now an oval on the inside of the receiver.  Before pressing in a new extractor pin, I wanted to see if anyone knows if the hole should be slightly oval or not? If if it should be straight, any suggestions on how to go about getting it repaired?


Below are a couple pictures of what seems to be a deformed ejector pin hole as well as a picture of the slightly bent old ejector.  Thanks in advance for any advice you all may have!




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