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'2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities' spreading to multiple states

Charlie T Waite

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Counties in several states are putting their own spin on 'Sanctuary Cities' by passing laws creating what is being called 'Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities.'

Originally, sanctuary cities were places where laws were passed in which local law enforcement agencies and governments would not enforce federal immigration laws.

Now, these 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities -or counties to be more specific, are passing their own resolutions to combat state or city government laws deemed restrictive by locals to 2nd Amendment rights.

According to the Washington Times, states where such counties are passing laws include New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, and Nevada.

The genesis of the movement has not been traced back to a specific county sheriff or group, though Patriot Prayer, a group which states their mission is to fight corruption in government, has been active in their support of the movement on their social media pages.

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