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Charlie T Waite

Montana: Senate Passes Preemption Legislation to the Governor’s Desk

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Today, the Montana Senate passed House Bill 325 and 357 by a 29 to 20, and 28 to 21 vote respectively.  House Bill 325 now heads to the desk of Governor Steve Bullock for his consideration.  If Governor Bullock vetoes HB 325, HB 357 will place the measure onto the 2020 General Election Ballot.  Please contact Governor Bullock and politely urge him to sign House Bill 325 into law.


Local municipalities in Montana have stretched the state’s preemption statutes to their own ends by passing anti-gun laws ranging from criminalizing private transfers to banning where people can lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense. These types of unnecessary anti-gun ordinances impose further burdens on law-abiding gun owners in Montana by creating different laws relating to firearms purchase and possession from one municipality to another, putting gun owners at risk of unknowingly violating a law.  House Bill 325 and House Bill 357 seek to strengthen Montana’s current preemption laws by further restricting the ability of local municipalities to enact a complex patchwork of gun laws throughout the state.

Again, please contact Governor Bullock and politely urge him to sign House Bill 325 into law.


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