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Charlie T Waite

Minnesota: Setting the Record Straight on “Universal” Background Checks and "Red Flag” Legislation

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Recently, there has been misinformation spread that gives the impression that NRA-ILA does not oppose so-called “universal” background checks and “red flag” legislation in Minnesota.  In a time where the Second Amendment community needs to band together to fight against the influx of gun control measures being introduced, it is strange to see so-called “pro-gun” organizations that purport to support the Second Amendment attempting to create division by spreading these rumors.  However, these rumors couldn’t be further from the truth.  Your NRA-ILA stands adamantly opposed to any legislation that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms, or measures that would allow a court to require an individual to surrender firearms to law enforcement, based on statements made by a petitioner in an ex parte proceeding.

  • In 2018, NRA-ILA contacted its Minnesota membership to strongly oppose Amendments 34 and 36 to the Senate Judiciary Omnibus Bill.  These amendments were attempts to push so-called “universal” background checks and “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” with little to no debate on the matters.  Both Amendments failed on the Senate floor thanks to those emails and phone calls from NRA members and supporters
  • The above listed amendments were follow-up attempts to the failed legislation from earlier that same year when NRA-ILA was front and center against House Files 1605 and 1669.

This year, the same legislation has again been introduced and NRA continues to oppose it.  House File 8 and House File 9 have been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee and could be considered soon.  It is important that NRA Members and Second Amendment Supporters contact committee members and strongly urge them to OPPOSE House File 8 and House File 9 when they come up for a vote.


Again, please contact members of the House Ways and Means Committee and strongly urge them to OPPOSE House File 8 and House File 9.

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