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'Red-flag' gun seizure bill defeated in the N.D. House

Charlie T Waite

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BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota’s House has shot down a bill that would allow authorities to seize guns from a person who a family member or law enforcement believes is a danger.

The House voted 76-17 Tuesday to kill the bipartisan “red flag” measure. The bill would allow a judge to order guns temporarily seized if the police or family members believe a person is a danger to themselves or others.

A court hearing must be held within 14 days to determine whether to return the guns or hold them for up to a year.


Opponents argue the bill is a violation of due process. Supporters say it will save lives.

Thirteen other states already have a similar law on the books.


Your voice can be heard - we had a concerted effort here to contact lawmakers on both sides of the isle.  The results are clear, when we collectively get off our butts and speak out in one voice the majority will listen if they wish to stay in office.  It sends a clear message to them that they were put there by us to do our will not theirs.  This doesn't mean our battle is over, it means we have won a small victory in the overll fight but we did it united with one voice.



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