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BIG Deadline This Month by Chris W. Cox

Charlie T Waite

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Never in our lives have we seen a gun control firestorm like we're seeing today.


And right now, every politician in America is waiting to see whether NRA will have the strength to fight back.


On June 30th, the second quarter of 2018 will end. Shortly after that, I must submit NRA-PVF's most important financial report of the year to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).



This upcoming FEC report is so much more than just numbers on a sheet of paper. It's a national and public statement of NRA member strength – or weakness – as we enter the most critical time of this year's HUGE election battle.


And now more than ever, we need to show our STRENGTH.

This is a public report. It will show every dollar we have in our arsenal for this year's critical mid-term election.


We MUST make it clear to our friends right now that we'll have the power to help them win this November. And just as importantly, we MUST send a message to every candidate running for office that if they take a stand for gun control, we'll end their political careers on Election Day.

You've seen how the anti-gun media is fanning the flames – repeating hate-filled, anti-NRA lies day after day and night after night.


You've seen the marches orchestrated by Michael Bloomberg, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, and other elitists who claim they deserve armed protection but you don't.


You know what we're up against, and that we can't afford to fall short of our critical goal.



Chris W. Cox



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