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Grampaw Willie, SASS No.26996

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This one ain't easy so I'm gonna list it as Optional Reading


It's another essay I found on American Thinker:

The American Principle of Liberty


Here at Team SASS our main mission is defense of the Second Amendment.   In a larger sense that is to Defend Liberty.    Particularly in the areas of the First Amendment, Education, and the Fourth Amendment.   Tyranny will attempt to mold public opinion such that we impose their will upon ourselves.





To take back America from the Progressives and to restore America to the Founders' principle of liberty won't be easy.  The Progressives have captured the commanding heights.  They populate the permanent administrative state, the courts, the media, academia, and Hollywood, and they are determined to have their way. But in America, the people are still sovereign.  If we are to turn the tide, each of us must first learn to think like a Founder, just as Americans have always had to learn to do.  Then we must reach out to our circle of influence and beyond as far as we can to help our fellow Americans also learn to think like Founders.  I have this bit of advice for you.  We are not going to change the minds of the people at the core of the Progressive movement.  They are ideologues.  Our opportunity is elsewhere, with the many Americans who can be reached, who want to believe in America, who want to believe that America is a good country that can be made better again, but don't know where to turn for help.  Take up the cause; be the help they need.




Oppressions ultimate resource is the cooperation of the oppressed
--James Joyce



A note,--

one thing that I often find helpful is to place emphasis on the need for training -- with respect to firearms ownership.

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