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Here is Kip Thorne's book to explain the science in the WONDERFUL movie




Excellent SCI fi that actually teaches.


Kip is wonderful


Caltech is wonderful. I'm not a scientist; I'm a fan. (Married Painless, didn't I?)


Saw Kip at lunch, Csltech one day. On the patio at the buffet.


Saw Stephen Hawking there one dayx tgere, too. Rolled in right beside me in the main room. Sat 6' from my then table, where Painless and I had sat several times.


I was soooooooooooooooo impressed w Stephen and his caregivers there!


I used to have the car equipped like an ambulance, supplies for his G-tube, sanitizers, colostomy things,.... And I know how hard it is to take him to such as Caltech from Oxnard, and Stephen's caregivers brought him there FROM ENGLAND!!!!




No one stared. It's a professional place.


But my luncheon companion there saw me clearly yet quietly flush in admiration, quit eating, admiring them, Stephen and 2 caregivers.


So YES, when i saw Kip's book for one of my favorite movies of all time, I bought it.

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