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Hi Lead Foot Luke,


END of TRAIL is an event for registered SASS Members and their Guests only. We are open to the public for a few days, but the event closes daily to the public at 5pm. In order for a registered shooter (or conventioneer)'s guest(s) to be able to stay on the property, they too must be registered for the event...as a guest. The Guest "Badge" is their credential to be able to attend and enjoy all that EOT has to offer, regardless of the time of day. (All but the Shooting that is)


This leads to.. what is the difference between a Conventioneer and a Guest?

Well, a Conventioneer also gets to do some shooting on special Conventioneer stages/bays. This is for the folks that aren't registered for the Main Cowboy or WB Matches. A Guest doesn't get to do any shooting. Additionally, a registered Conventioneer can enter the costume contests, and also gets a shooter goody bag like all participants- whereas a guest does not.


Hope this helps.



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