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SASS Second Amendment Support Match Proposal

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SASS Second Amendment Support Match



I visited the TSRA Match this weekend honchoed by Diablo Slim and sponsored by the Texas Ten Horns of Greenville Texas. Their match was designed as a fund raiser for the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA). Their effort sparked an idea I'd like to suggest to Team SASS.


That suggestion is a nationwide effort to put on individual SASS 2A Support Matches at every SASS Club across the USA.


As we all know pro-gun organizations at both the state and national levels are in real need of funding to continue our fight to preserve, protect and defend America's Second Amendment rights which are being threatened daily by anti-constitutionalists in every state and Washington D.C.. We all continue to receive requests for individual donations on a regular basis as validation of that need.


We propose that clubs and match directors consider sponsoring a SASS 2A Support Match donating some or all of the proceeds to a gun organization(s) of their choice at the state and/or national level from either a special match or one of their monthly matches designated specifically as a SASS 2A Support Match. The funds raised could be as a result of match fees and/or special fund raising events in association with or as part of the match.


A suggestion to participating clubs from US Grant, SASS #2:


"I think one of the best ways to promote it is to have the individual club select the organization they wish to support and then do so with a special stage or activity that would be specifically to raise funds to donate to a chosen entity and label it "SASS 2A"


Such a 2A Support Match effort is a win win for us all: it would help provide badly needed financial support to those organizations involved on the front lines of the fight helping them to carry on that battle for all. Demonstrate the added value Team SASS brings to the fight and would also give our members a real sense of meaningful and direct participation in the battle while doing what we all enjoy doing...shooting cowboy!


I ask match directors and their respective clubs to seriously consider implementing this suggestion and add their support to the fight...not only for the benefit of our current generation but for all those who will come after and learn by your patriotic example.


Soldier on...


Colonel Dan

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  • 1 year later...

Great idea....


Please count me in wherever these such designated events occur.....


Together, we will prevail!

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