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Team SASS Forum (TSF) Concept & Rules of the Road

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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Team SASS:


I’ve been reviewing the posts on our new Team SASS Forum (TSF) and am extremely encouraged and exceedingly appreciative of your enthusiastic involvement and the cowboy courtesy you’ve shown in adhering to the intended purpose of our TSF. I sincerely salute and thank you all very much.

Below is my take on some foundational rules and concepts for using this valuable resource. I’m sure together, we’ll come up with even more ideas as to the best use of our forum, but this will serve as our starting point.

1) The Team SASS Mission: Contribute, combine and coordinate our resources, significant numbers and dedicated efforts in a resolute fight to retain the ability to exercise our Second Amendment rights uninfringed.

To accomplish this, we must be working as a closely knit team to successfully engage in this struggle. The TSF is OUR medium for informing and coordinating OUR combined efforts to push back with a high degree of resolve.

2) The TSF will be informational in nature and operation. It must be used solely for posting information and pertinent responses related to this Second Amendment battle. Only posts centered on Actions, Issues, Information and Events directly related to our coordinated effort in preserving our freedom to keep and bear arms will be posted on the forum. Any political posts whose subject or narrative is other than that related to our Second Amendment initiative will have to be locked or deleted. I’ll assume the role of judge in these cases.

3) Why such an approach? If the TS is to be successful for the long term, it cannot, must not and will not be a rebirth of the disruptive and divisive Political Fire. For those unfamiliar with the Political Fire of old, that forum quickly deteriorated into a detrimental source of very contentious arguments and hard feelings spanning topics totally unrelated to firearms and accomplished NOTHING. Given the importance of OUR Team SASS mission, we don’t need a repeat of such internal contention at this time in America’s history. We must be focused and remain Team SASS in reality as well as in name. Heated arguments, regardless of the topic, must be avoided. We are a strongly unified team with a common interest, dedicated to and focused resolutely on our common objective.


Will there be disagreements? Yes, I’m not unrealistic where human nature is concerned. However, I ask that you keep our ultimate objective squarely in mind and always focus on the big picture. If disagreements cross the line into contention, I’ll be forced to lock or delete the post or thread.

4) A Combined, Cooperative and Coordinated Approach: We must cooperate in covering all levels of government. SASS will focus on the national level, posting information on its pro-active efforts in coordinating with other national gun organizations, manufacturers and major businesses. SASS will inform primarily on events and initiatives at that level as well as pending or proposed federal legislation. Also posted here will be informational links to other relevant organizations as well as Calls for Action that will request your active involvement in some way to support our offensive against those that would infringe on Americans’ gun rights.

Naturally, SASS cannot monitor all states and localities like those who live there. Everyone very much needs your help. SASS members can and should contribute in a valuable and major way by informing others on state and local Actions, Issues, Information and Events within their area. Additionally, if SASS misses something at the federal level that you know of, please fill us in on the details of that issue. Bottom line: You are the crucially important front line scouts for Team SASS and you number in the tens of thousands. We need you to be actively engaged.


We should all take encouragement in the words of Patrick Henry when he urged on those of his generation who were under even more ominous circumstances:

“They tell us…that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed…Three million people, armed in the holy cause of liberty…are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”

Nobody can promise easy or quick solutions to this struggle or that everyone will agree on everything we do or say but I will promise you this; we are dedicated to and resolute in our commitment and will never sound the retreat.

We very much admire and thank you for your dedication and cooperation in tackling this mission and for respecting our rules of the road.

5) In summary: The Team SASS Forum will:

* Be focused on and limited to Actions, Issues, Information
and Events at the federal, state and local levels necessary to the successful
conduct of the Team SASS mission.

* Be an effective force in fighting to preserve, protect and
defend our constitutionally guaranteed unalienable right to life and liberty
through our staunch support of the Second Amendment.


* Not be a forum for issues other than the Team SASS mission nor
be a hotbed of contentious political arguments.

Let’s soldier on together…

Colonel Dan






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Tuco, welcome to SASS and thank you for your interest in this fight.


Please go to the pinned post on this Bulletin Board entitled:


Team SASS: Call for Action


There you will find a link to a site sponsored by Ruger. It is where you can easily send an email to all your representatives in one quick shot. Millions have already done this and it's our intention to inundate politicians with our pro-gun views.


Thanks again

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