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The October issue of Frontier Tales is ready!

Durango Duke

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Howdy, y'all! Fall's here, the colors are a'changin', and the tale tellin' has begun!


Mr. Kenney's Scout, Part 1 of 2

by Bill Van Horn

Lieutenant Kenney didn't fully trust his scout, Jonah, but the Crow were in his camp and the Blackfeet were soon to arrive. The situation was about to get hot and the fate of his men depended on his choice.

* * *

Doc's Warning: "Play Poker!"

by Lowell "Zeke" Ziemann

When Doc Holliday met Kate, neither of them could have guessed a simple game of poker might end in a lynching and would send them on a journey that would end at the OK Corral.

* * *

The Reverend Mister Black

by Larry Payne

Josiah Black's church was burned with his daughter inside. His unconsolable wife hanged herself. According to the Good Book, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord." But Josiah can't believe everything he reads.

* * *

A Game of Cards

by Adam Sprague

Bill's home again, after a three-year absence, and Heather looks better than ever! But there's bad blood between Bill and his brother (Heather's husband) James. Can they settle it over cards or will it come to bullets and blood?


Thanks for your support!


Durango Duke

aka Duke Pennell

Editor, Frontier Tales


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