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The Wolverine Rangers do it again

Carolina Cowboy

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The Wolverine Rangers are at it again, we were one of, if not the first that allowed you to sign up for our State Match online(thanks to our wed master, Laporte Lil) we are now posting pictures of our members in their Cowboy Cowgirl get up when we were a LITTLE younger......go here and check out the pictures posted so far( http://www.wolverinerangers.org/Members.html ) I am a little disappointed that there is not a LOT more pictures, come on you fellow Wolverine Rangers, the Wire is watching, send those pictures :lol: .......Laporte Lil has nothing else to do :D , and I hear she is really enjoying looking at the ANCIENT pohots :o ......so where are my fellow Michiganers and their childhood pictures, RJ Law started it,so don't let him down, send them in :wub: ........and if "Hey Sugar's" picture don't make you smile, you ain't a true Cowboy- Cowgirl......so come on Wolverine Rangers, send us your pictures, the World is waiting :lol:...go to the members page, scroll down, and look on the left side, click on the picture to see who it is and the year, if we have remembered it right :lol: ....so to make you smile, check it out, and a cheat, "The Carolina Cowboy" is holding 2 "Fanner 50"s":FlagAm: ....the best Toy Gun EVER made :ph34r:

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