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One Down, Five To Go ...

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Deputy Director Hoover of ATF resigns after Fast & Furious debacle ... http://www.theblaze.com/stories/ex-atf-deputy-director-resigns-after-being-blamed-in-gop-fast-and-furious-report/


Full report due out later.

Now we just need to get rid (indictments would be nice) of the rest of the rats, all the way up to Holder.

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Well we can hope but unless the political pressure is kept up it won't happen.


For you non government types allow me to explain. Every government project on the Federal and State level has a designed "spear catcher". This is the individual who is designated to take the blame if the project doesn't work out. The spear catcher takes all the blame and resigns in shame only to get a another nice government job or better yet a private sector job a few months later after everything has died down.


I saw it many times over during my government career.

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