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Hello the fire.


I am offering for sale a MEC 20 Gauge Grabber - Progressive Reloader.

It has not been used a lot (2,000 - 3,000 rounds). One pull of the handle

and you get a completed round. A HUGE improvement over a single stage reloader.


It is a model 8567. I bought it new in 1994. At the that time I was shooting skeet.

I then switched over to trap and SASS.


This is the complete outfit -- with no missing or broken parts - all ready to go!!!


It includes 2 plastic bottles (1 for powder & 1 for shot), wooden handle, EZ-pack, mounting

wing nuts, complete Instruction booklet, 240 "experienced" Winchester AA hulls, 7/8 ounce charge bar, etc.




For more details - go to Midway web site.



I am pricing this at $265 shipped. I figure that shipping will be $25 - $35 - so

$265 is a fair price. I can do PayPal - but would prefer a check or money order.


Thanks for looking.


- Boneyard Bill

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