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Hammer spurs

old roy

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I have read with great interest some threads about hammer spur configurations and Bisley hammers. Now I used to shoot a Bisley Colt clone. I have several P models and an 1860 Army conversion clone. And, a 2001 S & W Schofield. That is alot of different hammer spur angles! And grip frames. I have yet to disassemble the S&W or the 1860. Lotsa work been done on the P frames. And I sold the Bisley. Is the hammer for the 1860's (besides the spur angle) any, or very much different from the P frames? (I know I could just take it apart, but why do that if there ain't nothin' wrong?) I would really like the 1860 MORE if the hammer spur angle was just the same as a P frame, let alone down even more! Got short fingers...


Thanks fer the help,


Volkan Roy

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