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Waddies needed for EOT


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What is a Waddie?


Waddies were the extra help ranchers hired when they needed extra hands for big events, such as, roundups, trail drives or fiestas todays temps. Their pay was a dollar a day and found (meals and a place to throw their bedroll.)


Work is what the Waddies do. Everything from parking, running the Tea Tent, setting up for the seminars, getting water to the range, driving the people movers, putting up banners, and even taking out the trash.

There is a job for almost everyone. If it nees doing a Waddie will do it.


It isn't ALL work tho,we have FUN too. We can attend all events, and be a part of putting on the GREATEST shooting event in the world. We come from all over the country, and some of us have been coming for over 12 years.


What do you get for being a Waddie? You will receive a dollar a day for each day worked during EOT, a free camping spot and parking.Plus you will receive a collectors pin,some other neat stuff, and a chance at some really neat prizes including guns.


All we ask is that you sign up for a minimum of 3, 5 1/2 hour shifts for 3 days. You must work at least 4 hours to recieve breakfast and lunch tickets and if you work 8 hours you also get a dinner ticket.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of go to www.sassnet.com/EOT and scroll down for the Waddie sign-up. You must sign-up before EOT so we can get your Waddie badge made. All participants at EOT must have a badge.


Come early and help set up or stay a day and help tear down, ALL help is greatly appreciated.



Submitted by:


FancyFree 23612 Life/ Regulator


Waddie Ramrod



Official Fandango Posse 1 MOM


Cookie Queen!

Member of the DOOLEY GANG

Regulator 2008

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