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My review of the Colt Commando revolver

Sixgun Symphony #62632

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The Colt Commando was a WWII variant of the Official Police revolver from Colt. Originally called the "Army Special" until 1927, Colt refined it with a higher polish blued finish and it became a very popular police weapon. When WWII broke out, it was necessary to reduce production time and costs, so Colt went with a parkerized finished and labeled it the "Commando" revolver.
It is built on the "I" frame. To those in the know, the Official Police and it's variants are the "Poor man's Python" as it is strong enough to handle the Keith loads with the Lyman #358429 cast bullet and a stout load of 2400. I may produce another video where I demonstrate the potency of this load over standard .38 special and compare it to a .357 Magnum.
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