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"Pageant of the Gun" -- book for sale -- SOLD

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Howdy, have a nice book for sale.


"Pagent Of The Gun"

by Harold L. Peterson

A treasury of stories of firearms: their romance and lore, development and use through ten centuries

with 200 photographs


"An entertaing and informative history of firearms that vividly conveys all the humor, excitement and drama of ten centuries of arms development. Written by a note authority on antique firearms, Pageant Of The Gun is rich in gun lore and historical annecdotes, fascinating introduction to the world of guns and gun collecting.

The fifty-five stories in this profusely illustrated book are as varied as the arms they discuss. Some follow the main highway of gun history - from inception of the deadly crossbow to the development of moders weapons. Others deal with arms of worldwide importance, a multitude of unheralded failures, related equipment and devices such as bayonets, sabers and ammunition.

From the well stocked arsenal of John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators . . . and the thirty-pound target rifles used by Berdan's Sharpshooters in the Civil War . . . to the rocket guns in the 17th-20th centuries, Mr. Peterson's account involves the many exciting people of arms history as well as the weapons they invented or used.

There is the legendary saga of Jim Bowie and his famous knife; the tribulations of Henry Deringer, who after he had perfected his marvelous little pocket pistol, saw it blatantly pirated by rival manufacturers; the development by General George Patton of a cavalry sword - a perfect, but obsolete invention; the bloody stories of the Indian was chiefs and their firearms - Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Rain-In-The-Face.

Exploding many myths and touching on little know facts, Pageant Of The Gun is a lively presentation of firearm history of the United States. It is enriched by a guide to restoration of antique guns and two hundred photographs that show firearms from their beginning to modern times."


copyright 1967


6 1/2" x 9 1/2" tall

352 pages


book is in near excelleant condition dust jacket is good with some wear and tear


$15.00 shipped to you (media rate) in the U.S.A.




If you are interested or need more info. please post here on the wire.


Thanks for look'n.

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