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Never Expected This

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Ran across this today about the German-made AR => http://www.schmeisser-germany.de/en/products_civil.html


Then I learned the Russians will be making them too => http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/m-1319248861.25953/


And of course our friends the Chinese are making them as well => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norinco_CQ


Does this mean Colt will soon be making AK-47's? :o

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The Iranians have been fielding M16 knockoffs as well- lots of bodies which once used AK's are. One of the reasons AK's are so popular is because the Soviets gave them away by the bushel. They don't do that so much anymore, and the US has been supplying AR15-pattern rifles to various groups for quite awhile. The AR is gradually becoming the AK replacement. Not that the AK is going anywhere anytime soon.


There was once a series of photos floating around, of crates full of captured Georgian AR's, after the Ossetian Conflict.

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