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.38 special lead bullets, moly coated, for sale. 4 boxes (500 bullets each box) of 158 gr. SWC, 6 boxes of 148 gr. DEWC, 1 box of 148 gr. swaged HBWC. These are very accurate bullets and have been used many years by target shooters. I have used them many years but I no longer shoot .38's. The bullets were made by "Quality Bullets" in Mariposa, Calif. I believe they are no longer in business as the phone number is disconnected and the web site is down. These bullets are very high quality, the moly coating in baked into the bullet.

35.00 per box (500 bullets) includes shipping to all 50 states. Shipping overseas will carry additional shipping charges.


Questions or to order contact:

cowboy3220@verizon.net :FlagAm:

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