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Aunt Jen

Another Joke

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Ok, so you all are telling jokes:


An American tourist goes to Scotland on a vacation, and at Edinburough Castle, she sees a guard standing out front in a kilt.


She asks him: "Sir, pardon me. But I can't help but wonder: is anything worn under that kilt?"


"Oh, no, Lassie," the guard tells her in a thick brogue: "Everythin's in fine workin' order." :)




(However, personally, I've been there with Painless, and there were these guards who did a parade thing out front. Very professional. Very sharp. But on turning at the end to stand at attention, the angle of the hem in the kilt was such that the slight breeze flipped the corner of the kilt up, and his black underwear were there, visible or all the audience to see. :blush:


Being very disciplined, the guard did not move one bit.


But his seargent noticed and walked over to him, smartly, and flipped his kilt down.


So I can attest, at least to that instance, that there are black undies being worn under there!)

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