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Even FACEBOOK isn't safe....

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Neal Itzkowitz:

Jimee and I were enjoying a glass of wne on our deck looking at the river yesterday eve when 3 bald eagles flew over head playing with each other. One did a complete roll in the air. They played in front of us for 10 min. One landed in our neighbor's tree so we were able to use our binocs for a great closeup. A great finish to a wonderful weekend.8 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·


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Roy White:

Lots of wildlife at my house too. But I'm usually in bed by 9.


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Jim 'Long Jim' Faulkner:

My wife and I were enjoying a glass of iced tea on our deck when the bald neighbor and his girlfriend in the vacation house started doing the same thing, in their hot-tub, they are SO cute. We love watching the wildLife...·

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