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Non SASS knives wanted

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I am looking for 3 WWII vintage military issue knives.


1) English Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger. Must WWII issue and in good shape. Never sharpened preferred and with scabbard.


2) US Navy K-Bar pilots knife. Must be K-Bar and must be marked Navy. No reproductions or USMC knives.


3) US Paratroopers/ Airborne switchblade knife. Must be an issue knife.


I know I can find then on ebay and on knife sites but there are too many fakes out there to purchase over the internet. The exception I would make is here. I think I can trust the brothers and sisters of the trail found here. Besides, if I am going to pay someone for a knife, it might as well be someone I know, like all of you.


If you have something, send photos showing overall knife, condition of the blade and any markings. I am not a collector and not looking for prissy knives that never saw use. I just want sound, solid knives of this time period. I might be interested in any other really cool, unusual and different civilian knives of the same period.


Send photos to: mike@hodgdon.com



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