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Carolina Cowboy

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A couple of months ago I had posted on the wire about our club offering Poker Chips to the top three finishers in each class at our 8 shoots this year.Here is a picture of the chips. There are 9 colors, we will be giving out a different color at each shoot, with those with a clean match getting a Pink chip..that is a way for us to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness as well as all cancer research...once a shooter has won 6 chips they can then trade them in for a free shoot except for the $5 for the catered lunches we are having this year.....for any of you cowboys and cowgirls near Plymouth ,Michigan, we have our first shoot of the year on Saturday March 26th so come out and win a chip :FlagAm:



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Those are cool!!


Don't know if I would count on many tradinig them in. I know I probalby wouldn't.


Thanks Holden

We are hoping it helps draw the shooters in, and gives us a way to award the top 3 in each class as well as clean shooters, and we wanted to try something different :ph34r:

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