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Marshal J. Quincy

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Was cleaning the reloading room this weekend and found a few things that I really dont think I need.

1.*Sold pending Funds* Dillon 3 piece Carbide Die set for .45ACP. Very lightly used ( I think I may have loaded maybe 200 rounds with them before I decided I didnt like my .45) In original dillon Box. $45 Shipped.

2.*Sold* Set of Redding 22-250 Rifle Dies. Again light use, look almost new. $25 Shipped.

3. *Sold*Aprox 300-400 .45acp brass... $27 Shipped (I am guessing on the number of pieces by weight)

4. 2 boxes of unloaded brass for 220 Swift (I believe they are hornady boxes) They are once fired. $15 Shipped

5.* Sold PF* (If I can find it after moving everything) .45 acp conversion kit for dillon 550B. $25 Shipped


Maybe open to trades. Looking for .380ACP Brass/bullets.

Paypal is fine.

Best way to get ahold of me is email... jackqm@yahoo.com ( I only check the board here every few days).

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