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M1 Garand - CMP Ready - TRADE PENDING

Preacher Clint

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Springfield Armory WWII Receiver with Winchester trigger group, new Criteron barrel and CMP wood with boiled Linseed Oil finish. Total fired is 100 rounds so far. Great shooting Garand, professionally built for John C Garand matches byKenneth Lockwood. Pristine with a small scratch or two from gunsafe. 30-06. I had this advertised here earlier, but am reducing price. Will sell outright for $800 + shipping. I am a C&R and this is C&R eligible. That means I must log this out, so any FTF will require buyer info, but no NICS check. Will ship via Fedex Ground with insurance for $30 or will happily do a FTF in Tyler , TX area. If I have a FTF sale or trade, I'll throw in one spam can of Greek HXP 30-06 ammo (192 rnds) in Embloc clips and bandoliers at no cost. I have this posted on other boards, so please email me at oscarlovel@gmail.com with "I'll take it".


That said, I'm looking for one of the following and will trade outright for such - 1860 Henry, 1866 Sporting Rifle or Short Rifle, or 1873 Sporting Rifle or Short Rifle. Caliber is not important, but I prefer not to have a round barrel carbine -- just my warped tastes. If you want to trade, email me specifics and pictures to oscarlovel@gmail.com. For an exceptional deal, I may be willing to add a "wee" bit of cash on the trade.


If you are looking for a top notch Shooter Garand, you will not find a finer one. This is every bit as fine a rifle as the CMP Specials that are selling for $895. Pictures below. TRADE PENDING

Garand 1


Garand 2


Garand 3


Garand 4


Garand 5

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I am interested in your Garand. I have a pristine Pedersoli 45-70 rolling block 24 1/2" - 1 1/8" flats barrel - pretty figured walnut stock - Lee Shaver long range rear and front aperature sights with extra inserts and the original sights - nice trigger as well.



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