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Poverty Bill, SASS# 45790

"The Rawhide Years" -- book for sale --- SOLD

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Howdy, have a nice book fro sale.


"The Rawhide Years"

A history of the Cattlemen and the Cattle Country

by Glenn R. Vernam


"In this extraoridinary firsthand account of the cowboy and his life we see "the greatest American hero" as he really was - a complex, self-sufficient adventurer, driven by conflicting passions, always on the move. Gleen R. Vernam, one of the last of the old-time cowboys, has written an exciting history of the Western cattleman. He tell os the early pioneering days in America, when the Spanish introduced the cow and the horse to the New World; of the golden years when cowboy and longhorn reigned supreme; and then of the shorthorn and homesteaders who eventually replaced them.

Here are close-up views of the men who made the great cattle drives - "point riders," "nighthawks," foremen, and "swing" men; of the legends that grew up around them, like Levis, Stetsons, chaps, and the Colt Peacemaker that settled so many arguments; of the fortunes that were made, lost, and sometimes made again in the unrestrained days of this fabulous era.

The Rawhide Years is an important contribution to the lore of the Old West - a fascinating, true portrait of one special breed of man, and the wild but beautiful frontier whene he became legend.


copyright 1976

first edition stated


6" x 8 5/8" tall

227 pages


book and dust jacket are in very good+ condition



$15.00 shipped to you in the U.S.A.




Please post here on the wire if you are interested or need more info.


Thanks for look'n

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