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Found 3 results

  1. FIRST UP, I AM LEARY ABOUT THE holy black. spinal surgery left fingertips numb. I have a large stock of BP given to me by those who tried it and didn't like it. I read 20 year old Venturino & other books that say smokeless puff loads in a BP cartridge gun may be safe, but prematurely wear out guns. I have 2 Merwin Hulberts in 44W and a 75 Remington in 44Rcf. I've been out of the game since '09 and need to find if there are BP substitutes which are clean and non-corrosive to use in my shooters, Pistols and rifles or is there a SAFE smokeless. I am clueless on how to load 12 Ga shells using thick gold Remington hulls with BP. Will "normal" pink or white wads work? Where to find light loads should I try to go black. I would rather use a cleaner substitute or something like Clays or Trailboss powder. TOTALLY ignorant of BP other than shooting my '51 Ubertis. Good to be back in the saddle, but don't know about new powders since 2009. Thanks for any input. Mark "Dirty Doc" Zachary
  2. Rare and unusual money belt made by El Paso Saddlery company that I got from Bobby McNellis years ago. It is made from one piece of leather which is folded over and sewn along the seam. Popular in the West due to its ability to support a pistol, as well as to conceal important papers and coins. This is their #1 Money Belt and it has 72 cartridge loops for .22 – that’s a lot of stitches and cartridges! The belt is 46” long with holes from 40” to 44”in beautiful shape with their traditional nickel silver clip point buckle and I am asking $115 shipped to the US and Canada. Thank you for looking.
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