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  1. He'll be pissed at me for doing this, but: He's back in the hospital in ICU with some kind of infection. Just went this morning so we don't know much yet, but it isn't the good news we were hoping for after the transplant. Ya'll know what to do next, I already sent my request. Update: He's about the same and is waiting to be transfered to the U of Oregon hospital where the transplant was originally done. He'll be in ICU there. Keep up the prayers please. Update 12/20: He just called! Sounds weak, but testy as ever They're still trying to find the source of the infection but he's getting better, probably leaving ICU today if things keep going well. I know he's on the road to recovery, he told me he's convinced 2 of the hospital staff to try Cowboy Shooting So far, so good. He says he can't express how much your support and prayers mean to him, it appears he really does have a soft side and he showed it for a bit during our conversation when we talked about his cowboy family. 12/21 He's outta ICU and back in the transplant ward. So far, so good. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ya'all from Palewolf, Mudflat and Nellie Belle 12/23 Who says prayer doesn't work! Just talked to him and he's standing in line waiting to be discharged. He's going back home (well close by anyways) for Christmas, plans on spending the holiday with his Mom and family. He sounds tired, but they got the infection knocked out and he's back on the road to recovery. He's watching the wire and says "a big thanks" for all the support.
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