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Found 3 results

  1. Too bad the 44-40 is not allowed in at least mid range long distance side matches. Maybe it is to keep an overflux of lever actions out of the race. Accuracy at 265 Yards 12-7-2019 Another wonderful morning at the range. It was 32 degrees when I arrived, clear and no wind. I set up four targets. 7, 25, 200 and 265 yards. I also used the same load for both rifle and revolver. 25.8gr of Reloder 7 and 220gr 43-214A bullets. Starline brass with CCI-300 primers. Rifle is an Uberti Winchester 73' with a Malcom 6x scope. This scope makes a 100 yard target look like a 25 yard target. 1,350fps Rifle, 760fps revolver Revolver is an Uberti "Buckhorn" 44 Magnum with a 44-40 cylinder with a 7" barrel. The Malcom scope is set to 100 yards so I had to adjust and aim high at both 200 and 265 yards. 200 yard adjustment was approximately 24" and 50" at 265 yards. If the scope had been zeroed in at both 200 and 265, the groups would be much better. The idea was to proove the cartridge, not the shooter's skills. After a few shots for "range" at both targets, groups on both targets were kill shots. My skills are 100% lacking due to lack of practice but the cartridge is capable. Funny that a cartridge used in Little Bighorn battle at 300 yard ranges are not allowed in CAS Long Range matches......just saying. 200 yards, after a few "range" shots, it pinned it down pretty good with POA at the top of the target stand....approx 24" high. Ipad linked to camera on spotting scope, 200 yard target POA at 200 yards but needs to be moved right "on target" 265 yards. After several "range" shots off target to the left, one shot high....the target was finally hit!!! VIDEO: Working on "elevation" before moving right. Crosshairs were in the trees approx. 50" high.
  2. Greetings! I am having a back and forth war with Benelli (importer of Uberti Products) over my 1860 Henry since. I bought it. I have sent it back 4 times and they keep punting it back saying that it works fine for them with there test ammo (Winchester grey box cowboy loads 44-40). My hand loads are made with virgin stair line brass, Missouri Bullet Company 44-40 specific bullets powered with trail boss powder, using the RCBS cowboy dies (the fancy looking ones). I made them to the best of my ability and to spec according to Lymans 50th Ed reloading guide. I have not been able to try it in another lever action rifle because I do not have another smokeless 44-40 rifle to try it in. I do have a Winchester 1873 serial number 421091B, it was made back in 1892. I put dummy rounds loaded the same way through it with no issue. The only factory ammo I have even feed the Henry currently is Fiocchi cowboy stuff. I do plan to order as many other brands possible to try to see if they work better but I am not holding my breath with that angle. The issue is that when you load it with 10 rounds (in my test video I only load 5) and you lever it to chamber a round it jams with the lever locked in the open position unable to feed a round and you have to push the follower forward letting the round slide forward into the magazine to clear the jam. The issue does not happen consistently but you are guaranteed to experience the problem at least 3-4 times per 10 if not more. I already picked up the Magtech Cowboy rounds and Hornedy Cowboy rounds from my local gun shop. One things I was thinking was removing the lifter from my 1873 Winchester in 44-40 and installing it temporally in the 1860 Henry to see if the lifter geometry is the issue. Only if it fits and would not damage the lifter from the 73 Is there something blindingly obvious that I am missing? My current plan is to write a college thesis and beat Benelli over the head and make them repair it. I refuse to spend extra money to repair a brand new gun that arrived as a lemon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The poor dummy rounds I used in the photo is where the lifter is on the lower position have been smashed down me that is why they are much shorter. I made 10 of them trying to understand the problem and they each must have been cycled 10-20 times so they are telescoping pretty good when this image was taken. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The second one is me alternation snap cap then dummy round for the whole magazine. The snap caps feed and function 100% of the time. I managed to push the snap cap into the chamber to try to show the issue I am experiencing (not sure if it does anything). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is the lifter deformed in any way that people can see? It does have some rough edges that I are disappointing to see for the money that I Paid for the dam thing.
  3. Offered for sale are: a pair of Taylor & Company (Uberti made) Cattleman single action revolvers. Caliber 44-40, 5 1/2" barrels. Consecutive serial numbers. These guns are essentially new and have been shot in practice only three times. Asking $800 for the pair (will not consider splitting them up). I hate to part with these guns but have instead decided to gear up in caliber 357 Magnum, like my wife. I also have a set of Redding 44-40 die available. Asking price does not include shipping and FFL costs on buyer's end. I can only ship to an FFL and you must confirm that they will accept shipment from a non-FFL source. Link to photos: https://cattlemanrevolvers.shutterfly.com/ Thanks for your interest.
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