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Found 4 results

  1. I have up for sale my Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine. It is brand new in the box with all the papers, 357/38, Blued receiver and round barrel. 1299. + 40 shipping & insurance. Holds 10 + 1 cartridges. PM me for any questions or more pictures.
  2. I bought this super nice rig here and it is not what I thought it was (doesn't fit my 32's). Holsters are marked Colt SA and Vaquero 4 3/4. I don't know if El Paso Saddlery has different marks for Vaquero and New Vaquero, but my New Vaqueros fit perfectly. Belt is marked 36" and I have photographed the holes with the tape measure from the inside of the buckle to the holes. Loops hold twelve 38/357 rounds and eight 12 gauge shotgun rounds. El Paso Saddlery charges $450 for this set up. Here it is $150 Shipped to the CONUS First 'I'll take it" posted here. This is a great entry level rig.
  3. I am embarking on a new project and something must go. I have three Gen 3 Nickle Colt SAA's for sale. I will try to keep this clean. # 1 should be first , #2 second & #3 last. Left to right in photos, I hope. SPF #1 has original box and I believe all paperwork. 1980 Gen 3, SAA, Nickle 5.5" bbl, wood grips, very smooth actions. Springs have been changed. I shot #'s 1 & 2 @ our June I st Sat shoot. Pistols flawless, shooter not so much. SPF #2 1980 Gen 3 with box but little paperwork, original box, very smooth. Springs changed. Wood grips, frame and grip frame all #' match. Very few handling marks. #3 also 1980 vintage, Gen 3 SAA . It has no box or papers but it may be unfired. I cannot say for sure but there are no smudges on the cylinder or in the frame. The Cowboy I bought it from thought so also. I will say that it has been handled but maybe not fired. Probably somebody's safe queen. #1 $ 1850.00 + shipping # 2 1800.00 + shipping #1, & 2 $3500.00 + shipping # 3 $ 1600.00 + shipping #'s 1, 2, & 3, $5000.00 SHIPPED All shipped from my FFL to Yours. Reasonable offers and possible payment plan considered. Thanks for looking. C.W.
  4. Marlin,38/357 pre JM carrier modified by Widow Maker Hill $700 plus $50 shipping P Dog
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