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Found 5 results

  1. Cleaning out the excess: Paypal "Friends and Family" or money order only 1) River Junction Trading deluxe pistol cartridge belt, Large (44" at middle hole) for 44 and 45 cartridges with 34 leather loops, Was $100 new $40 + $8 shipping 2) Hunter rifle cartridge belt, size large. 45 inch to middle hole. 25 loops for 30-30, 32-40, 38-55, 30-40 Krag or similar $35 + $8 Shipping 3) Cheyenne Pioneer Cartridge period boxes for .44 Russian. four boxes $20 + $5 shipping (Can also have .44 Colt label added) 4) Cheyenne Pioneer Cartridge period boxes for .44 Russian, with 44 Colt label applied. four boxes $20 + $5 shipping 5) Civil War revolver ammunition pouch SOLD 6) Lonesome Dove deck of playing cards Unused. $15 + $5 shipping 7) SOld 8) 1860 Uberti Henry lifter, modified to load .45 Cowboy or 180 grain .45 Schofield. DOES NOT WORK ON 1866 as no slot for loading gate 20 + $5 shipping
  2. My new Henry Arms H011 New Classic 1860 Henry in .44-40 is the perfect match for my Kirst/Pietta 1860 cartridge conversions. (The H011 is my upcoming January Cowboy Chronicle article) I've been a Henry shooter since I started SASS in 1994, starting with Uberti and Navy Arms (pre-Uberti - US made) until I found the Henry Repeating Arms one. If the Henry Arms 1860 is a Mercedes, the Uberti, which would be a Chevy! The HRA is the slickest, smoothest, from the factory 1860 Henry I have ever had. The fit and finish, the bluing, and polished brass are the richest and nicest of any rifle I have ever owned. Before I got it, the Marlin 1894 Century Limited .44-40 with Doug Turnbull color case and engraving held that spot.
  3. Just have to brag and gloat a bit. The 8" is a standard Pietta 1860 .44 with a Walt Kirst gated "Saber River" engraved Konverter and ejector rod. The recoil shield has been milled with a channel for loading/unloading cartridges. The other is a Taylor's exclusive 3" inch barrel 1860 snub nose with a humped backstrap Thunderer style bird's head grip. It also has a Kirst gated Konverter with the recoil shield milled for ejecting. I named in my "Avenging Angel" after Tom Berenger's 3" barreled 1860 in the Movie of the same name.
  4. Does anyone know if I can have the action worked on an 1860 Henry or a mid 90s Rossi 92? Just curious. I know most speed demons use 73s and 66s. Thanks
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