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  1. I woke up a little early this morning. I have an appointment with the orthotics specialist today to get fitted for my new footwear. After a few minutes, gathering up the other shoes that I have to bring with me, I started getting “dressed”. I put on the usual T shirt and put my belt, my holster, and my biker watch in the jeans I am wearing today. If I were going out to the shop, I’d probably put on my knee brace because it relieves the stress on the badly worn joint when I’m on concrete, standing and walking. Not today, but usually. I have another brace/apparatus to correct the foot drop in my left foot, the bad one, that attaches to my boot/shoe. I wear it if I’m going to be walking a lot. Today I’m just driving and will only take a few steps, three or four times all day, so it stays home. Next, I put in my hearing aids and grab my phone to adjust the volume and filters. Then I put on my shoes and socks. Not out of the ordinary for anyone, but still… On the way out the door, I’ll grab a pair of reading glasses so’s I can see the fine print on the obligatory paper work that comes with any of these adventures. I’ll pick up and holster my EDC , pausing to check the magazine and the chamber. Finally, I will put on my ball cap and sunglasses!! Ya’ never think about this stuff until, one morning, you see that you’re spending fifteen or twenty minutes just getting ready to go to the car!!
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