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  1. Thanks guys! I found Belton Bushwhackers and Savannah River Rangers over near Columbia. I didn't know about Greenville Gunfighters, I will have to look them up to. Boy I'll tell ya, the more I shoot this gun, the more familiar it becomes and the better I get with it. Its hard for me to believe I shoot it better than I shoot the Army's pistols. Maybe its because I have to slow down a bit to cock the hammer and that forces me to focus on sight picture more. I think I have decided to get another one just like it when I decide to start competing. But as for a shot gun and a rifle... I think y'all are right and I need to go to a match and see what everybody else uses and what I think will work for me. I do have a quick question though about the shot guns. Most videos I see show guys using the hammerless coach guns. But I saw one where a lady shooter was using a lever action shot gun. I am not at all familiar with lever action shot guns so I looked up some shotguns and realized they can hold up 5 rounds in the magazine tube. Does SASS / CAS rules allow you to keep the magazine fully loaded? Or can you only load two so as not to have an unfair advantage over the coach gunners?
  2. Now why didn't I think of that? I found it, thanks Cholla!
  3. So I know there is a CAS range, South River Shootists, about 2 hours away from me on the southern side of Atlanta near Covington GA. Is there a website that shows different ranges that host CAS matches? There are several commercial ranges nearby me here in FT Eisenhower (formerly known as FT Gordon) but I have never heard of any hosting a CAS event. Anybody can point me in the right direction?
  4. So, I went to the range early this morning with the 9mm cylinder installed. I fired off 30 rounds with no hiccups at all. All 30 worked with the hammer locked back to full cock. I think I am going to chalk this one up to operator error on my part, or maybe the gun just needed to be broken in a bit. Roger that Tex on the Shotgun. I am pretty sure it is not the Damascus steel, but the screws and lock seem to be pretty old and some are stripped out. Looks like from the screw heads somebody has been inside of it several times before. I think I am going to make it a wall hanger. And that means I get to buy a new shotgun! Warm up the credit card honey! Speaking of that, I really like the look of the External Hammer Coach Guns. I gotta say though, seems like it would take longer to cock than the internal hammer coach guns. Anybody have a preference? Are there tricks you can learn to make reloading and cocking a moot point between the two? Lumpy Grits, I can post a pic of the front of the cylinders later, but they both look and measured exactly the same on the front.
  5. I just got another email from Pietta. They said there should be nothing wrong with the cylinders. They said they look different because they changed their machining process last summer, as I suspected. I would say once they sell out of all their old 9mm cylinders, the news will look like my .357.
  6. I thought so too. So I measured them. The ratchet diameters are actually the same, as are the teeth height, depth, and width. I think the fact that one has a bushing and the other doesn't is causing an optical illusion. I thought when Charlie said "bushing" he meant there was a bushing that sat in the counter bore. Now that I see your cylinders, I can see what I thought was a counter bore is the empty space formed by the bushing not coming all the way through. As far as why the .357 does not have a bushing, maybe Pietta figured out there is no need for a bushing if they can bore the base pin hole in line with the cylinder chambers?? I dunno. If it shoots well at the range in the morning, I am thinking about calling Park West and telling them not to worry about it. I love this gun and I don't want to have to ship it off.
  7. Larsen, KC Small Arms - I think this is just a name Davidson's uses to import guns. Davidson's website looks like that are a fairly large distributor that sells to dealers. I could not KC Small Arms in any listings on the internet or under FFL dealers in Harrisburg, PA. I found the same one you also found on the internet. They are just a small store front. I emailed them yesterday as well. They emailed me back saying they are not the droids I am looking for. Now that I was able to seat the base pin properly, I think it might have just been operator error and stiff parts that needed to be broken in. Oh yeah, one more thing I wanted to add. The more I shot at the range the better I got. When I was shooting from a rest, I would shoot 5 inches low??? Shooting off hand with one or two hands, I was dead on by the time I got to the last 50 rounds. In fact, I hit a 20oz MT Dew bottle at 50 yards on the first try. I'm not one to bragg (well maybe a little), but I think I might be able to hold my own with this gun. Bad news about my shotgun though. It is an old Crescent "Enders Royal Service" double barrel. My son got it from my wife's grandfather when he passed away several years ago, and had never shot it. I figured I would use it for CAS. Well, after about 10 rounds of #6 standard velocity bird shot, the screws in the receiver started coming loose, and the receiver had split some splinters off of the stock. So obviously I stopped shooting it. Turns out the screws in the receiver were stripped, and each round I fired worked them loose a little bit each time. Do you guys think it would be worth it to rebuild it, or should I just hang it on the wall so the kids can see it and remember ole' Poppy?
  8. The plot thickens. So I contacted Pietta last night via email, and they responded today. They referred me to EMF. I didn't think my gun came from EMF. Turns out, it did not. But the gunsmith at EMF, Charlie, was very nice and gave me a little bit of advice about the 9mm cylinder and told me there is supposed to be a bushing in the cylinder. Mine does not have the bushing, but does have the counter bore where a bushing could sit. He referred me to Park West Firearms. The gun says KC Small Arms on the barrel. Apparently that is another name for Davidson's, and Charlie said Park West Firearms does warranty service for Davidson's. So I sent them an email this evening. I will see what their response is. HOWEVER.... I was doing a thorough cleaning of the gun tonight and added some CLP to the action / hammer to lubricate it more. Then I thought I would measure the total overall length of the cylinders. If the 9mm was smaller, that would make sense to me that it needs a bushing. The .357 cylinder measured 1.8685" and the 9mm measured 1.8675". That's only a 0.001" of a difference. I measured several times to take out any variability and got the same numbers every time. I sent pics of these measurements to Park West. Ok says I, I will try to put the 9mm cylinder back in and see what happens. Surely a 0.001" difference can not cause that much of a problem. Back in a former life when I did mechanical engineering work if there was a .001" difference between two parts we did give two craps about it, unless it was a press fit with zero room for error on the tolerances. But even then, we usually had about a -.002" + 0.00 tolerance. So I swapped the 9mm cylinder in and it fully locked to full cock this time. I cycled the action several times without dry firing, and it locked every single time to full cock. "What gives?" says I. So I thought maybe it was having the rounds in it that made a difference. I loaded a full cylinder, and cycled the action several more times, at least 4 full turns around. It locked in full cock each time. So... here is the only thing I think might have made a difference. I fired 150 rounds of 38 special and 50 rounds of .357 the other day at the range. I only fired about 12 rounds before I switched to the 9mm. I remember having difficulty getting the base pin sit right with the 9mm cylinder. Today when I put the 9mm cylinder in, the base pin sit a lot better. I am wondering if the absence of that bushing was making it difficult for me to get the base pin to line up right at the range. I also wonder if firing 200 rounds through the gun broke it in a little bit and made it easier to seat the base pin. I am going to go to the range in the morning before work, and see if it will fire off the 9mm with no issues. I hope that's all there was to it.
  9. Ha Ha! You're probably right. I wish we could get rid of it in the Army. We got a better side arm, but kept the freaking 9mm. But no, I don't intend to compete with it. Even the rounds I did get to go off just didn't feel like a real gun to me. I got some Prvi Partizan Lead Round Nose .38 special at the PX for $22 a box. Works out to around 48 cents a bullet. Can you reload for cheaper than that? I never got into reloading, mostly cause I only owned .22 and .22 mag for the longest time. But I was actually looking around at reloading setups. I might have to invest in a decent setup. But yeah, the Prvi Partizan kept a tighter group than the .357 or the Speer .38 Special Lawman FMJ +P. I think I might have been flinching a little with the .357. It certainly lets ya know what magnum means! I am still getting use to the gun, today was the first time shooting a SA bigger than .22 mag, and I do like it. I've had glocks, keltecs, and of course the military guns, but there is just something about the allure of the single action Army when I have my boots and hat on. Being raised in the hills of East Tennessee, that's the guns (cowboy revolvers) I grew up on. I never knew about CAS until recently when I was just surfing the net one day looking for some good ways to keep my skills fresh. As soon as I saw the first youtube video, I knew I had to get back to my roots. So far I have a shotgun and the Pietta. By the time I retire I plan to have a good 1892 Lever Action Winchester clone in .357 and another Pietta to match the one I just bought. Then maybe I'll get on the range with y'all and see if I can keep up with y'all!
  10. I agree. I just sent an message to KC Small Arms on their customer service contact web page. They are the importer. I will post back when they respond. Till then, I will keep blazing with .357 and .38sp!! Freaking love this gun other than the 9mm problem.
  11. Yes, I put the .357 back in, and fire the previous three loads just as before. .357, .38 sp +P, and .38 SP. All did just fine after I swapped back to the .357 cylinder. But check this out. I got my calipers out and started measuring the two cylinders to see what the difference is ( I was a mechanical engineer before I joined the Army). The 9mm cylinder has a counter bore on the raised gear looking space (Not sure what that is called). But the .357 does not. Could that cause the problem? Here is a pic of the two cylinders. the one on the left is the .357.
  12. Hello! I am a long time listener, first time caller. I plan to get into CAS when I retire from the Army in about 4 years, so I am starting to acquire my gear now. I just bought a Pietta 1873 Great Western II .357, that came with a 9mm cylinder. Today was the first day at the range with it. I was blazing away with the .357 cylinder. I fired .357, .38 sp +P, and 38 sp through it with zero hiccups. The gun ran beautifully. I was very stoked. Then I switched to the 9mm cylinder. First round was fine. Second round, the hammer would only go back to half cock. I let the hammer back down easily, and re-cocked to the 3rd round. Same thing. Hammer only stayed at half-cock. I was thinking, well, maybe the 9mm cylinder only needs half cock for some reason. I was able to fire 2 rounds on half cock. But I felt uneasy about doing it. I can slip the hammer and fire just fine. The hammer will come all the way back to full cock, but wont stay there. It will only stay at half cock. I fired another 12 rounds of 9mm, and it was hit or miss whether the hammer would stay all the way back or not. So here are my questions: 1. If anybody has the same gun I have, is this normal for the 9mm cylinder to only need half cock? 2. Since the .357 cylinder worked perfectly, I have to suspect something wrong with the cylinder. But what is it about the cylinder that affects the hammer?? I thought the trigger is the only thing that affects the hammer? 3. How much response has anyone had from Pietta customer service? 4. Do y'all think I can get a new cylinder without having to send the whole gun back? Looking forward to your responses and many thanks for your advice in advance!
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