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  1. HaHa, Ok, I can understand why you would say that as I am so new. You could contact user "General Ledger" to confirm that I am valid as I just purchased both of his gun belts. I would also be willing to send you either a cashiers check or usps check or even a paypal Friends & Family payment and even wait a couple of days so that there is no chance of you being scammed. Also, I would be willing to give you a copy of my Drivers License and a picture of me at the same time. Just don't ask me to hold a newspaper as I can't stand those socialist |=uckers.
  2. This is ONLY a recommendation as I am NOT affiliated with either company but I am in the IT world and you should be using something like Roboform Everywhere or LastPass. Just get the trial to start and then wait until they run a special and then get the multi-year subscription for a huge discount. I have been using Roboform Everywhere for 15 years and recommend it to everyone I know. One last thing: a LONG password is much better than a complex password that you change often. Changing a PW often means it is easier to forget. Use one of the software programs I mentioned above and every web page, app, forum, bank, etc will have a long unique password.
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