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  1. OK, if I understand correctly this membership recognition pin program has just begun. If this is true would explain why EVERYONE has not received on yet. I would expect them to show up with your next membership RENEWAL. Would not be practical to sit down establish everyon's years of membership then ship out a pin to everyone. Maybe folks should jusy chill out a little and see what happens. If this is a important complaint, then our association must be doing everything right. Right? I don't know about SASS's opinion about life members but I agree with Ali Mo that most organizations look at life members as a drain on finances. They are happy to get the big Life Member payment though ! I am happy with my badges (stink'n ?) and my (purchased) SASS Life lapel badge pin and my clean match pins and my life membership pins in Viet Vets of America, NRA, Calif. R & P Association, Second Amendant Association and gawd knows what else. In closing I would ask my fellow cowpokes and cow girls to show a little patience. Merry Christmas to all - and to ALL a good night ! .. .. ..
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