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  1. Settled on 9.0 grains of 4756. Runs about 725 fps. Burns cleaner than the 8.6 did. Just finished up loading all my empty .45 Colt brass. Should last me the summer and maybe more. Perfectly fills a .30 cal can. The red is from the red patio table umbrella.
  2. Timing was everything. Just no time to make it to ABQ.
  3. I cut a bit off the stock on my coach gun and then rounded the edges so there were no sharp edges. Covered with period looking lace on recoil pad from Buffalo Arms. What a difference. Getting rid of those sharp edges on the buttstock made a big difference. I have these on my coach gun, Sharps, and 1895 Marlin.
  4. I just got back from range where I tried out some loads of IMR SR 4756 in .45 Colt. Data looked promising. I used 8.6 gr behind a 255 gr RFN. Manual said 776 fps. I got barely over 700 with a lot of unburned powder in the casings. Didn't smoke bad. Looks like dirty Unique. But, I have 5 pounds of it. I think I'll try 9 grains next, a max load. Anyone else use 4756 in .45 Colt?
  5. Bass Pro in Colorado Springs two weekends ago had about 6 pounds each of Ramshot Enforcer and LT-30. The Enforcer was $35 and LT-30 $45. I bought a pound of Enforcer for .44 mag. That is all the powder they had. No primers. Yes, the ammo aisles were fairly well stocked. Not so much for trap loads. I bought the only flat they had. It was $19. I scoured several other stores in town (including Sportsman's Warehouse) and no one had powder or primers. The independent shops had ammo, and even some trap loads at $109. WalMart is starting to have trap loads again. Found a few that had the cartons of 4 boxes of 25 Federal for $29.99.
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